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 Creative Writing

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PostSubject: Creative Writing   Creative Writing EmptySat Apr 26, 2008 8:34 pm

Ok, so this is where you can post short stories that you have written for the enjoyment of us all. Or, you can write a story as you write your post. Whatever you feel like. I'll go first.

I wrote this story on AIM. Megan was logged on, but wasn't at home, so I just wrote a story to myself while IMing her.

Once upon a time there was a Megan who lived in a far away land. She had many dreams and ambitions, but she was stuck inside her lonely castle all day because her parents were very oppressive. She would dream of traveling the world, and of dancing with handsome princes. She would dream of foreign foods and of true love.

One day, a new man rode into her father's kingdom. He was not like the other princes who would come along
They were all dull and boring. But this man had something different about him -- he had a smoking beard. This caught the fair young Megan's attention, and she immediately fell in love. He rode up to the castle walls and said, "I demand that you let me in at once, that I may see the fair lady." The guards told the king of the stranger and so the king went on the castle walls to inquire of this man as to what his intentions were. The king cried out, "What do you seek?" The stranger replied, "I wish to marry your daughter, O king!" To which the king said, "I will not allow such a smoking, hairy plie of scum like you marry my daughter!" The young man threateningly retorted, "Then I shall take her by force!" and with that he pulled out his magical staff and flames burst out of the end, smashing the castle gate to pieces.

The stranger burst through the archway, sword drawn, and began to battle the king's guards. They were many, but he had a level of skill that had never been seen before in all the land. He was indeed a mighty warrior. He slashed his way deeper and deeper into the castle, to retrieve his true love. Finally, he arrived at her door. He cautiously entered the room and saw the lovely Megan sitting on her bed. When he saw her he creid out, "Oh my love! I'm so glad that I finally found you!" and rushed into the room to hold her. She tried to warn him, but his emotions were running too high for him to pay much attention. Suddenly, the king leapt out of the darkened corner of the room, wielding his very own sword. This was no ordinary sword -- it was forged by the legendary master craftsman, Stanton. This sword was light as a feather, and sharper than any other blade in the world. The king knew how to wield it well.

The stranger called out in mockery, "Come on old man; let's see what you've got." He thought that the old king would be no match for his skill. The man let out a roar as he leapt towards the king, slashing the air. The old king dodged the attack, making it look so simple. He was mocking the warrior in return. The man charged at the king, swinging his sword like a crazed lunatic. The king easily blocked every blow, while keeping one hand behind his back the whole time. The warrior started to curse and froth, and the king said slyly, "Have you had enough yet?" The man replied, "I will kill you, you old fool!" and charged again. This time, the king let out a cry of battle and swung his sword with amazing skill and agility. His legendary sword sliced right throught he blade of the man's, leaving him without a weapon, and leaving a deep cut on the man's right forearm. The man howled out in pain, and pulled out his magical staff, enraged, and ready to slaughter the old king. The king, in another mocking gesture, threw down his sword and said, "Alright, now see if you can beat me." The man let out a demonic roar and let a giant ball of fire spew forth from the end of his staff. The king simply caught it in his hands, and absorbed the energy, smiling. The man cried out, "You have insulted me for the last time, old man!" To which the king replied, "Oh have I? I was just getting started." Then the man got a terrified, puzzled expression on his face and, pointing out the window of the tower, exclaimed, "What in the name of all that is holy is that?!?" When the king turned around, the warrior quickly grabbed a small chair and hurled it into the back of the king's head, and the old man went plummeting out the window, screaming in horror.

The princess cried out, "Oh my love, I can't belileve that you defeated him! At last, I am yours." And the man said, "Then let us return to my kingdom, where you shall be my bride!" And they started to gallop accross the countryside. They talked of life in his new kingdom, and how it would be. The man started to talk about his family, and about what different things they used to do. As the conversation evolved, they started speaking about the small, annoying things that people do, and Megan asked him, "So, if you had to single out one thing that YOU do, what would it be?" And he thoguht for a while and said, "Well, I suppose it would be one of two things: I leave the toilet seat up, and I don't put the cap back on the toothpaste after I use it." Terrified, Megan said, "I'm afraid that I have to go. Now." And he said, "But what ever is the matter, my dear?" She replied, "I cannot STAND IT when people leave the cap off of the toothpaste. I would probably end up murdering you after the first month of marriage." And with that, she galloped back to her own kingdom.

Heartbroken, the young man slowly walked into the forbidden forest, and was never seen again. Some say that he found a nice young woman to marry and they happily live in a cottage. Others say that he was torn to shreds by the wild beasts. Only time will tell. As for Megan, she never found a young suitor who did not have at least one of those problems, and she lived to be 87 years old, and had a castle full of cats.

The End

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Creative Writing
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